We know not,
What future has in store,
We only know but,
What we have done before.

Never to worry about,
What shall happen next,
Better to think of,
Only to perform best.

Let's live happily,
In the moment present,
Just relish and cherish,
The good times spent.

[Published in 'iBuzzle' on 11 February 2014]


Adorn a morn,
Glitter like pearls,
Cling on to cobwebs,
Rest on petals and grass,
As if to herald the golden sun,
And shine with a bright sparkle.

[Published in 'HighOnPoems' on 21 January 2014]


Days pass by
and I sometimes
Why do we do
certain things?
Helping an old man
to cross the street
and helping a child
who has lost his way.
Perhaps, for the
love of mankind
and sympathy
towards one another,
that we go forward
to extend
a helping hand
even to a stranger.

[Published in '' in January 2014 issue]


He left his footprints,
For us to trail,
His legacy unparalleled,
‘Mahapurush’ we hail.

Born at Bordowa,
Nurtured by his grandmother,
A child prodigy,
His pilgrimage thereafter.

Founded a new cult,
'Ek Saran Naam Dharma',
Preached doctrines of 'Vaishnavism',
Set up 'Namghar' and 'Satra'.

Composed devotional songs 'Borgeet',
Wrote 'Bhakti Ratnakar', 'Kirtan Ghosha',
Created one act plays 'Ankiya-Naat',
Innovated the dance form 'Satriya'.

An inspiration for all,
A great humanitarian he was,
Enriched Assamese culture and literature,
Lived for hundred and eighteen years.

He is Srimanta Sankardev,
An outstanding personality ever,
A versatile genius of creativity,
The saint, scholar, and reformer.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 3 January 2014]


She kept awake
whole night long,
her eyelids
refused to bow
and a thought
round and round.
Seconds, minutes
and hours gone,
slumber stood
at the threshold,
the moon sailed
through the sky
reflecting light
all around
but her thought
round and round.
She felt miserable
and it seemed as if
huge black curtains
were forcefully
pulled before her,
blocking her vision
of radiant light,
leaving her
farthest behind,
leaving her
all alone,
all by herself.

[Published in '' in November 2013 issue] 


Do we analyse what we lack?
Do we judge where we stand?
We feel uncomfortable seeing others
Standing on pedestals.
We try to pull them down
Instead of pulling ourselves up.
A sand-clock looks
Half full and half empty.
Why not try to fill up the void? 
Perhaps we lack an asset.
The asset of courage,
The courage to move forward,
To judge ourselves,
To assess where we lack.

[Published in 'Fire Bird Poetry' on 23 October 2013]


O winged ones,
You come in thousands
From distant lands
To enjoy the cool lap
Of the winter season
And enjoy your sojourn.
Don’t you feel weary
Flying across the miles?
I overwhelm with
Feelings of wonder
As I observe your unity,
Strength and splendour.

[Published in '' on 10 October 2013]


Time waits for none,
A moment if we shun,
We'll find the difference,
Its worth, packed with chance.
It can make us or mar us,
Every second depends on us,
Whether we plan properly,
Or be idle, lazy and sleepy.
It's certainly a great healer,
Also life's best teacher,
The perfect time is the present,
To utilise it and win a present.

[Published in 'Fire bird poetry' on 7 October 2013 & '' on 9 October 2013]


Born to our great motherland India,
We regard you as 'Father of the Nation'.

Your greatness was your simplicity,
Your life was an example of integrity.

You followed the teachings of ‘Gita’,
Kabiguru entitled you ‘Mahatma’.

Gandhiji, we love to call you ‘Bapu’,
We, the nation, pay homage to you.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 1 October 2013]


We are born free,
Yet find ourselves,
Fastened with shackles.

Attachments confine us,
Inflict pain at times,
A search for solace sometimes.

We yearn to break free,
Escape and flee,
To somewhere unknown.

But can we live alone,
Or can we stay long,
In a place unknown?

Responsibilities summon us,
Relationships beckon us,
To bring us back to reality.

[Published in '' on 23 September 2013]


Season’s yield,
Granaries filled,
Festival Bhogali.
Uruka evening,
Enjoyment and feasting,
Building the Bhelaghar,
Pranks with the neighbour.
The morning after,
Obeisance to the God of fire,
Burning the tall Meji,
Made of bamboo and paddy.
Sunga pitha, kaath aloo,
Customary delights of Magh Bihu,
With friends and families,
Flavours of Assamese delicacies.

[Published in ‘Poetreecreations’ on 8 September 2013]

Short note: Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival of Assam, a state of north-east India. The festival is celebrated in mid-January, marking the end of the harvest season. Bhogali means feasting and enjoyment. It is also known as Magh Bihu as celebrations are held in the month of Magh, the tenth month of the Assamese calendar. On the eve known as Uruka, people gather for a community feast with friends and families. A variety of dishes that include meat and fish are cooked over wood flame. Using bamboo and paddy, a temporary hut called Bhelaghar and a tall structure known as Meji are built. Merriment continues throughout the night as youths play pranks like stealing vegetables from the neighbour’s garden. Next morning, offerings are made to the God of fire and people enjoy the traditional delicacies like sunga pitha, kaath aloo etc. 


Dark clouds of depression
loomed in her mind,
followed by long sighs,
accompanied by sobs.
Few minutes later,
came a heavy downpour
of salty water,
continuing for an hour.
The clock ticked
and as the cell beeped,
a smile peeped
through the wet cheeks.
Had she gone out of her mind
or was there a reason for it?
A misunderstanding?
A coincidence, that's it!
The name announced on media,
a deceased victim of the blast,
matched with the name
that was close to her heart.
Relief approached
as she answered the beep,
sent to her by one
who was close indeed.

[Published in ‘Indus woman writing’ in September 2013 issue]


Through an introspection,
One can analyze any reaction.

Situations remain the same,
But we try to put the blame.

When do we feel good?
When do we behave rude?

When everything goes our way,
We feel good, happy, and gay.

If anything turns turtle,
We become unstable.

Circumstances make us dependent.
But, don’t we like to be independent?

Well, attitude should change,
Evade incidents out of range.

Instead of regulating the outer,
We should try managing the inner.

Controlling outer events and past,
A difficult task, but forgetting is a must.

Contriving the inner-self and thoughts,
Would work wonders and achieve lots.

[Published in 'iBuzzle' on 20 August 2013]


My mind was filled
With too many thoughts,
Thoughts of the past,
Thoughts of the future,
Thoughts about my near and dear;
I began to worry,
I was unhappy,
I felt so heavy.
One night, I saw in a dream,
A stranger on a train
Sitting opposite to me
And asking me,
‘Why are you unhappy?’
I was shocked!
Had he the power to read my mind?
He said slowly,
‘Let go everything,
Fix your mind on the Almighty,
Think of Him
And He shall think about you.’
I woke up with a start!
Who was this stranger?
I thought,
Well, let me try.
I let go everything,
Began to think of Him,
My worries disappeared,
I felt so happy and so light!

[Published in 'Poetreecreations' on 15 August 2013]


Bad days do not last long,
One should have patience,
To overcome them all.

As the day ends,
Darkness rules all over,
But not for long.

With the change of seasons,
Winter brings about chill,
But not for long.

Trees shed off leaves,
Appear like dead trees,
But not for long.

Hurdles emerge in life,
Rays of hope seem shadowed,
But never for long.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 8 August 2013]


Dreams began to wane
as she faced distress
and she proclaimed
there were lots to express.
Physical tortures
day in and day out,
character assassination
by holding doubt,
restrain imposed
on pursuing her career,
severe criticism
for not being fair,
harassment by
demands of dowry
and an heir
on the first delivery.

Her endurance one day
lost the bound
and extreme courage
she finally found.
To get rid
of the evil monster,
she sprinkled pesticide
in a fried lobster.
Hours later,
the neighbours gathered,
they all murmured.
None suspected
it to be a mystery,
she sighed silently.

[Published in ‘Indus woman writing’ in July 2013 issue]


In the corner of her cheeks,
There was a sweet smile.

That reflected her heart’s contentment,
And displayed a horizon of happiness.

A bolt from the blue one day,
Crushed her innocent smile.

Concealed her enthusiasm,
And made her miserable.

Her cheeks now fail to show,
That charming exquisite smile.

Which could perhaps make,
The faint stars twinkle.

Brighten up myriad lamps,
Kindle hope in the heart of a forlorn.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 20 June 2013]


She speaks through her steps,
Dancing and revolving,
Expressing her art,
Going beyond the self,
A bond with the Supreme power,
A complete surrender
Of the mind and the heart,
A performance
Filled with true devotion.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Friday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 7 June 2013]


Unpleasant feelings veil her
And she laments in agony,
Helplessly observing from the horizon…
Evergreen trees and dense forests
Mercilessly being cut and cleared,
Modern endeavours by humans
Damaging the beautiful environment.
She sheds tears in pain
And makes a silent appeal…
Plant and conserve trees,
Make the surroundings green,
Love Nature, save environment.

[Published: 'Your Space' of the e-journal 'Muse India' on 5 June 2013]


The cold wind knocks,
And the dead leaves fall,
One after another,
And the tree stands revealed.

A song of sadness flows,

Through the solitary branches,
Feelings of loss and destitute,
Alas! No leaves to swing and smile.

The season has arrived again,

And solitude reigns all around,
I feel sad,
When I look at the fallen leaves.

The wide green leaves that,

Once adorned the huge tree,
Are now brown, scattered, lifeless,
As they lie beneath the bare tree.

[Published in ‘iBuzzle’ on 30 May 2013]


peak summer
frolic in a pond
rural lads

[Published in 'Your Space' of the e-journal 'Muse India' on 22 March 2013]


Sightseers swarm
To catch your glimpse,
Your spray of colours
On the lofty peaks.
Your appearance delights
One and all,
To experience rejuvenation…
A new day, a new life.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 29 September 2012]


My heart yearns,
To go a long way,
Far across the fields,
Across the echoing hills,
Towards a place enchanting,
Lovely and silent,
Beside a gurgling stream,
Where I can see myself,
My reflection...
And speak out my feelings,
My tormenting desires,
To ease a heavy heart,
In the serene atmosphere.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 11 August 2012]


Bordoichila rushes
To greet her mother,
Enthusiasm turns wild
And some heavy shower.
Proceed of destruction
All throughout the way,
Lightning, thunderstorm,
Trees tremendously sway.
Her advent conveys
Onset of spring season
And Assamese worldwide
Enjoy their Bihu celebration.

[Published in the e-magazine 'Bordoichila' on 14 April 2012]

Short note: 'Bordoichila' refers to a thunderstorm that hits Assam and the neighbouring states (North-East India) during the spring season every year. As the powerful wind lashes, trees get uprooted causing severe damage to houses, light posts etc. According to a common belief, 'Bordoichila' is the name of a bride, who longs to meet her mother and with her long hair unfastened, she dashes towards her home for an annual sojourn.


Life becomes tedious
By workload and stress,
A daily routine trails
If nothing found fresh.
A reunion of course
May change the way,
As “har ek friend
Jaroori hota hain!”

Families introduced,
Extends friendship,
Experiences shared,
Association grows deep.
It’s been a long time
Since we all met,
A get-together once more,
Come, let’s celebrate.

[Published in the website of Assam Engineering College 1984-89 Batch on 9 March 2012, on the occasion of their Second Get-together]


A simple man, loved countryside life,
"How 'bout city life", proposed his wife,
Her naggings bitter,
He made a murmur -
"Another issue to start a strife."

[Published in the e-magazine ‘Frog Croon’ in March 2012 issue]


(Dedicated to my mother)

You smiled at me,
Even though you were in pain,
You sacrificed for me,
Never thought about your gain.
You brought me up,
With lots of love and affection,
You stood by me,
Giving me utmost protection.
You inculcated in me,
Good habits and values,
You patiently taught me,
Prepare savoury menus.
You still care for me,
Although I stay remote,
You are divine to me,
My precious gift from God.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 4 February 2012]


O mother, let me acknowledge
your selfless toil and pristine love
that you've always showered on me
and guided me to the right path in life.
Even today, when I'm beside you,
your face beams with sheer delight
and your tender heart can understand
all my emotions even though it's a trace.
Sacrifice, patience, trust...
ever shine through your actions,
wisdom, affection, inspiration...
ever reflect in your words.
You led me by example and
instilled courage to face challenges,
your vision - noble and lofty,
Oh! I simply admire your simplicity.
Inculcating values and self-reliance,
you taught me how to be independent,
I'm always proud of you, dear mother,
O God, take care of her forever.

[Published in 'Your Space' of the e-journal 'Muse India' on 2 February 2012]


Behold the beauty of Brahmaputra, (Assam)
Travel to Tawang for tranquility, (Arunachal)
Look at Loktak Lake the lifeline, (Manipur)
Cherish the charm of Cherrapunjee. (Meghalaya)
Cemetery at capital conveys courage, (Nagaland)
Balance on bamboos bring beams, (Mizoram)
Palaces of princes provide pleasure, (Tripura)
Rafting on river renders relish. (Sikkim)

[Published in the e-magazine 'Fried Eye' on 1 February 2012]


The voice of a commoner,
The problems of the poor,
Woes of the downtrodden,
Issues of suffering women,
Anyone to hear their story
And restore lost glory,
By lending a patient ear,
To redeem without fear?
Perhaps, a prolific writer
With mighty pen power,
By delving on violation issues,
Highlighting oppressed issues,
Acknowledging responsibilities,
Shouldering difficulties,
Concerning the victimized masses.

[Published on 12 January 2012 in 'Utkarsh', the School Magazine of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Umrongso, Assam for the year 2011-12]


A rivulet thronged,
Obeisance to the rising sun,
Rituals performed at chill dawn.
Burst of crackers,
Twilight sky illuminated,
Earthen lamps lit,
Fragrance in the atmosphere.
The wait ended,
As the sun appeared on the horizon,
Knee-deep in water,
The devotees offered their oblation.

[Published in the e-journal 'Indian Review' on 2 January 2012]


Located in Tinsukia district of Assam,
In the north-eastern part of India,
The town stands with pride
As it has the first refinery in Asia.
During the nineteenth century,
While a railway track was being laid,
Crude oil was accidently discovered
And the place got its name, it’s said.
“Dig boy dig” were the words,
When the first oil well was dug,
Digboi still remains unique
As it has the oldest producing Oil Park.

[Published in the souvenir 'Yuletide Jamboree' at Digboi Club Annual Meet held from 18 to 25 December 2011]


Does she cry in desolation?
Equally gifted with a body
And endowed with a talent indeed,
But abandoned,
As failed to fulfill her parents’ need.

Education in reality,
The light of life,
Tears her cocoon, destroys hibernation,
Her career,
Now breaks barriers of discrimination.

Happiness gained,
Her smile makes the stars twinkle
And she finds love on the horizon,
To celebrate
And cherish moments on a pristine occasion.

[Published in the e-magazine 'Frog Croon' in December 2011 issue]


The veil of darkness fell
As refreshing dawn emerged,
The stretch of silence snapped
As feathered friends twittered.
A wish to watch their frolic,
I peeped through the pane,
Oh, but I could perceive
Only a number to name.
A flashback reminded my home…
Our courtyard filled with multitudes,
With hay in their tiny beaks,
To make shelter on our roofs.
Now perhaps, one can figure,
Their reason behind being sparse,
High-rise buildings and apartments,
Social upgradation at large.

[Published in the e-journal 'Indian Ruminations' on 14 November 2011]


Kopili Kopili rangdhali suwali...
Lovely verses flowed through his pen
When he stayed in an inspection bungalow
Thirty three years back on July ten.

His artistic insight captured the beauty
Of meandering Kopili gushing down the hills,
Her changing moods, her fascinating youth,
Immortal lyrics composed with finest skills.

His inspiring rendition enthralled Umrongso,
Each and everyone that loved his golden voice,
With a heavy heart Kopili today pays her tribute
And she shall ever cherish the song and rejoice.

[Published in 'melange', the Sunday supplement of 'The Sentinel' on 13 November 2011]

Short note: On 10th July 1978, Dr Bhupen Hazarika came to Umrongso in Assam for a performance and during his stay in the NEEPCO I.B. of Kopili Hydro Electric Project, he composed the lyrics of the Assamese song ‘Kopili Kopili Rangdhali Suwali’. The river Kopili is a tributary of the mighty river Brahmaputra but through the artistic eyes of the legend, the enchanting river has been personified as a lively girl whose mood changes as the monsoon arrives. She remains restless but her beauty lies in her fascinating youth and she appears bright having the shine of numerous suns. Dr Hazarika’s song has inspired all and this piece is a tribute to his immortal contribution. I, on behalf of the people of Kopili Project in Umrongso, pray to God for the eternal peace of the noble soul.


A secret remains a secret
Till it's kept a secret,
If once it's revealed
It doesn't remain sealed.
All depends upon self-restraint,
The power to retain and refrain,
Indomitable spirit - unyielding,
Sheer determination - untiring.
Aren't these secrets
Of keeping secrets?
If we try we can succeed,
A resolution to just proceed.

[Published in the "feelings" column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 8 October 2011]


Nature embellishes with
The advent of autumn,
The blooming of sewali,
The swaying of kohuwa,
To herald Divine Mother,
Who alights with her children,
For an annual sojourn,
Bedecked in ornaments,
Equipped with weapons,
To represent
Elimination of evil
And symbolize
Victory of the virtuous.
Her earthly sojourn
Delights every worshipper,
Enthralls the youngsters
And elderly equally,
To the rhythm of dhak,
To the sound of uruli,
To the illuminated mandap,
To the instant jalebi.
Her sojourn ends
On the tenth day
Of the moon's phase
And she proceeds
Towards the river
With divine grace,
Along with the crowd
Who follows her
With utmost reverence.

[Published in the e-magazine 'Enajori' in October 2011 issue]


Creeping slowly,
Each day, every moment,
Through my thoughts,
It haunted, attacked,
Made me miserable.
The enemy,
Mocked at my resolutions,
Began to build its base,
An attempt,
To ruin my imagination.
Helpless, frightened,
I searched for aid everywhere,
To evade the silent enemy,
But none could rescue me
Or provide a defending solution.
One day, exhausted,
I dropped on the floor,
And dormant self-confidence sprang forth!
Ah! I discovered my remedy ultimately!
To overcome fear, the silent enemy.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 24 September 2011]


Big dreams and high ambitions
Engulf the young minds,
Desire for a rosy life
Of fame and comfort,
But feelings of despair
Cripple imagination,
When incidents occur
That never wished before.

It's all right O seekers,
Bravely endure challenges...
The blows shall immune you and
Extract hidden talents from within,
You fall to rise again,
The dawn shall usher new scope,
Hard times come and go,
Pursue and enjoy life's rainbow.

[Published in 'Writers Web Well' on 4 September 2011]


A pleasant day 'twas,
That turned into tears,
Long drive, long journey,
A trip to a distant city.
Left home in the morning,
Dad at the wheel was driving,
Brothers asked me riddles,
I tried to solve the puzzles.
The sun reached overhead,
Sandwiches, sweets we shared,
As destination half-way remained,
A soul-stirring incident happened.
Suddenly the road turned wavy,
The car toppled topsy-turvy,
Rolling once, twice, thrice,
Our tender nerves froze like ice.
I closed my eyes in fear,
O God save us, an earnest prayer,
Then slowly opened my tearful eyes,
But just couldn't believe my eyes!
Our backs were on the ground,
With countless people all around,
Dad, brothers looked at me,
I heaved a long sigh faintly.
Gradually the crowd dispersed,
Our car lied with wheels upward,
The day in my memories remained,
I thanked God for our lives regained.

[Published in the e-magazine 'Fried Eye' on 1 September 2011]


Strolling on the sandy beach,
Enjoying the cool gentle breeze,
I looked at the people around.
Little children built sand-castles,
Young couples sat close together,
Elderly people enjoyed the waves.
My eyes fell upon a pair -
A grandchild and a grandfather,
Talking and munching ground-nuts.
One rising sun, the other setting...
Miles apart, yet, both rising and setting
At the same place - the horizon.

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 13 August 2011]


We cry for change,
A better place to live in,
We long for peace,
A world sans misery, fear.
Who shall change?
Do we ever ponder?
Am I not the first?
Oh! Fingers point exterior...
Absolute power is within us,
Only efforts needed to afresh,
Just dare to speak the truth
And bring about a change.

[Published in 'Creative Thoughts' on 7 August 2011]


crimson sky
a pair of mynahs
pen and sheet

[Published in 'Your Space' of the e-journal 'Muse India' on 2 August 2011]



Life ceases,
not for the soul
that travels through
myriad earthly bodies
between births and deaths,
untiring, undying.

The solitary traveller
enters and exits,
detached and peaceful
throughout the journey,
sans belongings,
sans company.

[Published in 'Your Space' of the e-journal 'Muse India' on 8 July 2011]


The aroma of green tea,
Palm-laced beaches by the sea,
Beautiful thundering waterfalls,
Shopping spree at the malls,
A rejuvenation with a spa,
Christian pilgrimage in Goa,
Fresh snowfalls shivering the bone,
Pristine perfection carved in stone,
Enchanting wildlife on a safari,
The cushiest ride ever on a Ferrari,
Temple shrines representing reliance,
Heavenly Kashmir witnessing romance,
Expedition towards the majestic summit,
Gurgling rivers meandering proceed,
Just a glance through a kaleidoscope,
Fragments of India's recreation, wow!

[Published in the 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 2 July 2011]


Salutations to you,
O Kalaguru,
Your love for culture,
Your songs about Nature,
Are still on our lips,
As treasure one keeps...
A versatile genius you were,
Your deeds shall never wear,
Your portrait of Sankardeva
And title bestowed for Tandava,
Rabha Sangeet your creations
And Siraj your direction,
Your acting in Era Bator Sur
And Ban Theatre in Tezpur...
An urge to demolish evil from nation,
Your lyrics reflected revolutionary notion,
For the need to uplift Assamese society,
You penned the book Axomiya Kristi...

[Published in the souvenir 'Umrong' on 20 June 2011]

Short note: This poem is a tribute to Bishnu Prasad Rabha, the great multi-faceted personality of Assam. Born on 31 January 1909, he was an established singer, a composer and a lyricist. His songs are known as 'Rabha Sangeet'. He was an extremely talented actor, film director and dancer. He was awarded the title 'Kalaguru' by Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan at Varanasi for his mesmerizing 'Tandava' dance of Lord Shiva. He also painted portraits of many great saints and penned several books in Assamese. He passed away on 20 June 1960. To commemorate this versatile genius, every year 20th June is celebrated as 'Bishnu Rabha Divas' in Assam.


Whoever he may be,
Tom, Dick or Harry,
Wretched poverty stares,
Sternly at his face,
Compelling him to toil,
With exertion and foil,
Losing childhood joy,
Discarding shame and coy,
Deprived of learning,
In course of earning,
To contribute for the family
And get rid of scarcity.
Little did he know,
The world thinks for him so,
Dedicating a day every year,
As World Day Against Child Labour,
Observing it on June 12,
By creating awareness and a wave,
To ban child labour
And protecting him forever.

[Published in the following:
(1) 'feelings' column of 'Horizon', the Saturday supplement of 'The Assam Tribune' on 11 June 2011
(2) 'melange', the Sunday supplement of 'The Sentinel' on 26 June 2011]


The words shattered
His countless dreams
And he could imagine
His sand castles being
Knocked down by waves.
Remaining days could be
Counted on his fingers...
Alas! So much left undone.
Being stable was
His sole shield.
Wise proverbs instilled hope
To his flickering mind -
'A friend in need
Is a friend indeed.'
And amazing indeed!
His friend stood beside,
With smiles of gratitude,
To donate an organ,
To shower love and charity,
To a helpful soul-mate,
Whom he owed his life,
His humble effort,
To save his friend,
To save a precious life.

[Published in 'melange', the Sunday supplement of 'The Sentinel' on 15 May 2011]


Spring has arrived
And Bohag beckons,
Parents await their
Homeward sons.

The cuckoo sings
And kopou blooms,
Dancers dance
To the Bihu tunes.

Tinge of jetuka
On the delicate hands,
Offering Bihuwan
To pay reverence.

Chira, pitha, laru,
Home-made delicacies,
Muga mekhela-chador,
Pride of the ladies.

Dhol, pepa, gogona,
Rendition by Husori,
Merriment fills the aura,
Ah! Spirit of Rongali!

[Published in the e-magazine 'Bordoichila' on 15 April 2011]


A step to freedom,
If bitter bygones fade,
As deeds all done,
Now cannot be undone.

A step to freedom,
If detachment prevails,
Nothing to call mine,
Sign of a stable mind.

A step to freedom,
If equality perceived,
Decrease in suffering,
Experience of blessing.

A step to freedom,
If senses subdued,
Command with will power,
Command over laziness.

A step to freedom,
If struggle persists,
To escape bondage,
To enjoy liberty.

A step to freedom,
If human nature identified,
Contrast in being and acting,
Harmony of soul and body.

[Published in the magazine 'The Hudaang' in April 2011 issue]


She engrosses her lovely name,
As the first spectator of the rising sun,
Her picturesque beauty conceals within,
If tourist destinations remain undone.

Mighty Siang River flows across her,
Also Lohit, Tirap, Kameng, Subansiri,
Amidst the valleys towards the plains,
To cultivate crops, produce electricity.

Bhalukpong on her foothills greets visitors,
Tipi attracts numerous orchid lovers,
Tawang Memorial salutes her war heroes,
Snow-clad Sela Pass delights travellers.

Itanagar is her capital and hornbill, the state bird,
Apong, the local brew and chubas, the local dress,
Sanctuaries, monasteries, fair at Parasuram Kund,
Losar, a festival and Ajilhamu, a colourful dance.

She's home to several major native tribes,
A house of exotic flora and endangered fauna,
An enlightening adventure to discerning trekkers,
A treasure-trove of natural scenic splendour.

[Published in the column 'Spark' of 'The Arunachal Times' on 12 March 2011]